The MyHealth Magazine
Annual Health, Wellness and Academic Survey

The annual MyHealth Magazine Health, Wellness and Academic survey provides students and institutions with information on student health, mental health and academics. 

The goal of the survey is to inform students on how they are doing on an annual basis with respect to a variety of different indicators of health, mental health and academic success, as well as to help schools better understand the challenges that students face throughout their careers.

The survey takes about minutes to complete. Upon completion, feedback is provide to all participants on how each participant scored on several different indicators, including:
•    Diet, exercise and alcohol consumption
•    Depressed and anxious moods
•    Negative thoughts and worries
•    Attention and concentration problems
•    Types of academic motivation
•    Drive, determination, and self-worth
•    Coping styles used when things go wrong
•    Number of negative life events experienced
•    Level of academic stress, difficulty and participation

The purpose of the feedback is to help students make decisions about their health, mental health and academic progress. Individual questions and questionnaires either taken or adapted from well-validated public domain measures.

All information that students provide is anonymous and confidential. Institutions have access only to the aggregated data for their own school, ensuing that survey responses for a single individual cannot be identified. The survey was reviewed and approved for use by the Research Ethics Board at the University of Ottawa, where MyHealth Magazine is located.