School Climate

In Canada, studies suggest that 29 percent of grade nine girls and 33 percent of grade nine boys reported feeling unsafe at school in the past month. 16 percent of girls and 32 percent of boys reported being physically harmed in the past month. Roughly 6% of students aged 12 to 19, report bullying others on a weekly basis and 8% report that they are victims of bullying weekly.

To address this issue, most schools and school boards have implement policies and guidelines to promote, support and reinforce a positive school climate, so that every student can expect and benefit from a safe learning environment. Reaching this goal will depend, in part, on (a) monitoring the prevalence and type of bullying that is occurring in schools and (b) providing students and educators with resources to help them both understand and respond incidents of bullying.

Several of the resources on MyHealth Magazine have been designed to assist schools in reaching this goal. These include:

An online anonymous survey to assess school climate as well as student attitudes, expectations and capabilities around intervening and seeking help when witnessing bullying.

A 40-minue classroom based workshop and accompanying on-line learning module designed to assist students in understanding what bullying is like, what counts as bullying and what they can do about it.

On-line resources on how to ask for help and how to intervene safely.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Using the infrastructure of the magazine, schools and entire school boards are able to administer the on-line, anonymous school climate survey in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Anonymized results for each school can be instantaneously downloaded through the administrative dashboard associated with each school.

More Information

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