Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please click on the [+] to view the answer.

[+] Can MyHealth Magazine be customized?

[+] How can educators maximize students' interest in mental health?

[+] How can I involve local organizations in promoting health and mental health to young people in my community?

[+] How can I maximize uptake of the magazine?

[+] How can I reach students who are out of school, have dropped out of school or who are home schooled?

[+] How can I register students for MyHealth Magazine?

[+] How can I track the utilization of the resource (e.g., info sheets, pop quizzes, magazine articles)?

[+] How does my school or group access group-level data through the dashboard?

[+] Is MyHealth Magazine a crisis line?

[+] Is MyHealth Magazine anonymous?

[+] Is MyHealth Magazine safe to use?

[+] Is MyHealth Magazine secure?

[+] What are MyHealth Magazine workshops?

[+] What does the subscription fee cover?

[+] What if a young person indicates that they are at risk for harming themselves or someone else.

[+] What is a district-wide school access code?

[+] What is the "Helplines" link on MyHealth Magazine?

[+] Who answers questions on MyHealth Magazine?

[+] Who develops material and how is material developed on MyHealth Magazine?

[+] Who do I contact if I have difficulties?

[+] Will any advertisements appear on MyHealth Magazine?