MyHealth Magazine comes in different versions (and soon in different languages).

For Young People

In addition to information on health, mental health and development, we release special issues on other important topics. Our special issue, on Rights and Responsibilities was developed in partnership with UNICEF Canada, Canada's Public Health Agency and the National Centre of Excellence for the Promotion of Relationships and Elimination of Violence.

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For College Students and Adults

MyHealth Magazine for college students contains the same engaging and interactive programming as on the version for young people, but the topics focus more on issues facing first year students, such as mental health, making the grade, dealing with stress.

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For Educators

Improving the physical and mental health literacy of young people will depend in part on the capacity and readiness of educators. Our first magazine issue, designed just for educators, focuses on understanding mental health and mental illness, how it affects learning, and how teachers can recognize and support students dealing with mental health difficulties. Forthcoming issues will address topics such as bullying and suicide.

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