Welcome to MyHealth Magazine

MyHealth Magazine is a health and wellness program delivered through a series of interactive, online resources for young people (students.myhealthmagazine.net), educators (teachers.myhealthmagazine.net), and college students (college.myhealthmagazine.net), as well as managers and employees in the workplace (work.myhealthmagazine.net). 

What's New

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Goals and Objectives

The program has several goals:

To improve health and well-being by providing individuals with access to innovative and engaging resources on health, mental health and development

To foster help-seeking among individuals who are experiencing or at risk of developing mental health difficulties

To provide educators and managers with resources to help them recognize and support both students and staff in dealing with mental health difficulties

To help organizations better understand the mental health needs of their students, staff and employees through a series of anonymous online surveys

Enhance Engagement

MyHealth Magazine was designed to foster learning about health and mental health through a variety of engaging formats (i.e., infosheets, quizzes, workshops, workbooks, phone apps) and regular, brief updates on a wide range of topics that are continuously researched and revised. Please read more about our program of updates for both schools (click here) and the workplace (click here). We aim to encourage everyone to learn a little bit about health and mental health, every week throughout the entire year. 

Customize To Suit Local Needs

We recognize that every organization has unique needs. That's why organizations have the ability to customize our program and resources This ensures that the content of the magazine suits the needs and values of your staff, students and personnel. Local administrators can opt to include or exclude any info sheet, quiz, or magazine issue they desire using the customizable dashboard for their organization.